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New Cooking Approach: Weigh on Induction Cooktop, Semi

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Imagine cooking your favorite dish, and it tastes different every time. Sometimes it turns out well, and other times, you are left saying, "It tasted better the last time. How do I get the same taste again?"

That’s not a question you ask when you have a weighing scale at your disposal. You can weigh ingredients accurately, and add the same quantity of ingredients. But having a separate weighing scale in the kitchen, and taking it out and putting it back on the shelves every time you’re cooking, is just a hassle.

That’s why it is only practical to weigh food items directly on your induction cooktop. Semi lets you do exactly that. 

Let's take a closer look at how you can use Semi as a kitchen scale and achieve accurate results.

In this blog, we will discuss about


"What Quantity of Ingredients to Add?"

There are a few fundamental questions we have when we cook any dish:

  1. 'What to cook?',

  2. 'What ingredients to add?'

  3. 'What quantity of ingredients to add?'

  4. 'When should I add the ingredients?'

  5. 'At what temperature should I cook?'

  6. 'Is the dish done?'

A kitchen scale helps you answer, 'What quantity of ingredients to add?'

When you want your recipes to be accurate and error-free, when you want it to be cooked just the same way, no matter who cooks it - you need to use a kitchen scale. A kitchen scale helps you adequately measure ingredients and food items.

Why Accuracy Matters?

Recipes mention the quantity of ingredients for a reason. Adding inaccurate amounts of ingredients can break your dish beyond repair. You might not get the exact result as intended in the recipe. Here are a few more reasons to cook with accuracy:

  1. Consistency in Flavors: When you measure accurately, your favorite dishes taste the same every time. It helps you recreate amazing meals.

  2. Texture & Appearance: Getting amounts right helps your food have the right texture and appearance.

  3. Balanced Tastes: Precise amounts make sure your food has the right mix of sweet, salty, sour, and savory. Messing up the amounts can change how it tastes!

  4. Easy to Share Recipes: When you share a recipe, accurate measurements mean others can make it just like you do. It's especially handy when you're swapping recipes with friends.

  5. Nutritional Control: When you use accurate measurements, it helps you to know how nutritious you're eating. Helps you eat right and meet your diet goals.

  6. Quick and Easy Cooking: Accurate amounts make cooking faster and simpler. No need to fix mistakes or change things halfway through. Saves time and makes cooking smooth.

Turn Semi into a Kitchen Scale

Most home cooks measure ingredients using cups and spoons. Professional cooks rely on weighing scales or kitchen scales to measure ingredients accurately. Why? Because accuracy matters when you want to cook consistently.

Semi takes the multifunctionality of kitchen gadgets to a new level. It’s designed with a built-in weighing scale, meaning you can measure your ingredients directly on the cooktop. This feature streamlines the cooking process, allowing you to weigh and cook all in one place.

Benefits of Semi's Built-in Weighing Scale

Having a cooktop and a kitchen scale in one appliance is not just innovative. It’s also practical because:

You Can Easily Replicate Recipes

When you follow a recipe, accurate measurements ensure that others can reproduce your dishes exactly as you intended. It's especially important in professional kitchens and when sharing recipes with friends and family.

It's Easy to Use

With a few taps on the control panel, you can measure ingredients accurately.

There's Less Clutter in Your Kitchen

More gadgets only add to the clutter in your kitchen. With Semi, the weighing scale is right on your cooktop. So, cooking becomes simpler and your kitchen stays tidy. No need for a separate weighing scale.

What You Can Do with Semi's Built-in Weighing Scale?

Cooking isn't just about following recipes. It's about taking care of time, and temperature, and using the right amount of ingredients. It's a continuous learning experience. Semi takes this philosophy to heart by integrating a kitchen scale directly into the cooktop. Here's what more you get when using Semi:

1. Weigh Accurately from 1g - 12Kg

One of the challenges in cooking is achieving consistency. Semi tackles this head-on by allowing you to weigh ingredients directly on the cooktop. You can measure 1g - 12 Kg of ingredients and ensure accuracy. No need for guesswork.

2. Convert Units as You Prefer

You can easily switch from the Metric to the Imperial system. Some recipes mention Metric (gram, Kilogram), while others use the Imperial system (ounce, Pound). You don't need to look for a unit converter. On Semi itself, you can convert the units as the recipe mentions.

2. Use the Tare Function to Measure Only Ingredients, Not Container

Tare Function in a weighing scale allows you to reset the scale to zero after adding each ingredient. It helps you know the exact net weight of the ingredients. Reset the display to 0 when you put the containers above Semi. Measure only the ingredients, not the container.

4. Measure + Learn = Culinary Mastery

After using Semi, you won't have to remember the quantity of ingredients. Rather, you can focus on why a certain quantity has been used. This develops a sense of proportion and helps you learn the art of balancing flavors instead of being confused about measurements. It's a hands-on cooking class right in your kitchen.

How to Use Semi's Weighing Scale?

1. Select the Recipe and Collect the Ingredients

When using Guided Cooking Mode, use the Klynk app to find your favorite recipe. Collect and prep the ingredients as mentioned in the recipe.

In Manual Mode, you can turn on Semi and click on the 'Weighing Scale' icon directly.

2. Measure from 1g - 12Kg Accurately

Select the weighing scale icon on the control panel. Use Semi to measure from 1g - 12Kg of ingredients accurately.

3. Use the Tare Function to Reset Weights

The Tare function allows you to reset the scale to zero after adding each ingredient. Place your container on the cooktop, press 'Tare', and measure only the net weight of the ingredients, not the container.

3. Convert Measuring Units

Semi adapts to different units like grams, Kilogram (Metric System), ounces, and Pounds (Imperial System). Switch between units as your recipe demands. Less cognitive load on you, and perfect meals on your plate.

4. Send the Recipe to Semi and Start Cooking

Send the recipe to Semi to cook in Guided Mode, and cook a perfect recipe without second-guessing.

How to Order Semi?

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