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What is Guided Cooking and How Does Semi’s Guided Cooking Work?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Imagine stepping into the kitchen and making delicious meals without worrying about forgetting recipes or burning your food. Guided Cooking helps you do exactly that. Cooking is super fun and easy when you have got help along the way. Let's explore what is Guided Cooking and how Semi’s Guided Cooking can help you cook mouthwatering dishes with confidence.

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What is Guided Cooking?

Guided cooking is like having an expert in the kitchen who tells you exactly what to do while cooking. It tells you when to add which ingredient, how long to cook it, when the recipe is done, etc. When using guided mode, it becomes easier to prepare delicious meals. It takes out the stress of figuring out everything on your own.

How Semi’s Guided Cooking Works?

Semi gives you step-by-step instructions on how to cook a recipe. You can see the steps on Semi's screen or the Klynk app. These recipe steps are short, clear, and easy to follow. Detailed instructions with images are available in the Klynk app for reference. Semi's Guided Cooking makes it easy to cook the most complex recipes, even if you are a beginner cook.

To use Semi's Guided Cooking:

  • Select a recipe from the Klynk app

  • Collect and prep the ingredients as mentioned

  • Press 'Start Cooking' to send the recipe to Semi

  • Follow the prompts on Semi's screen or the Klynk app

Semi will walk you through the recipe step-by-step, telling you what to do and when. Semi will also tell you how much of each ingredient to use. You can measure ingredients using its built-in weighing scale. It will set the time and temperature for each step of the recipe on its own. You won't have to put the mental effort into thinking about time and temperature.

Semi’s Guided Cooking for Beginners and Experienced Cooks

Semi's Guided Cooking is a great way to cook delicious meals, even if you’re not confident in cooking. It's easy to use and it helps you avoid mistakes by:

1) Step by Step Instructions

With Semi by your side, you don't need to second-guess the recipe, as Semi tells you exactly what to do at that time. It helps you avoid mistakes or feeling lost in the kitchen.

2) Automated Temperature Setting

One of the biggest concerns for cooks is that they have to track time and temperature. But Semi takes care of it. It reduces your cognitive load as you don't have to think about this nitty-gritty.

3) Ingredient Guidance

When you're starting, you might not know the different cooking techniques. This is where Semi shows you how to prepare ingredients. With recipe and ingredient images on the Klynk app, you don't have to get stuck at any step.

4) Smart Timer

Semi saves you the mental stress of monitoring the dish. Each recipe step in Semi is timed, so it tells you when to add ingredients and how long different cooking techniques will take. You don't miss any step, and you don't have to put in the cognitive effort.

5) Direct Heating

Semi uses induction technology to heat your pan directly. It heats only the pan, not the nearby surfaces. This ensures efficiency in cooking and safety in busy kitchens.

6) Built-in Weighing Scale

Semi helps you measure ingredients right on the cooktop. You don't need to indulge in guesswork. Using Semi as a weighing scale, you can cook with accuracy. No need for a separate scale.

7) Advanced Safety

Semi comes with a Child Lock, Control Lock, Burn Detection, Pan Detection, Spill resistance, and Power Overload Alerts. This gives you that added peace of mind while cooking.

Benefits of Semi's Guided Cooking

There are several benefits to using guided cooking technology, including:

1) Guided Cooking helps you cook with consistency

By cooking manually, you might not get the same taste and consistency every time you cook. This is where Guided Cooking helps you cook perfectly. It ensures that every time you cook a recipe, the time and heat in the cooking process are the same.

2) Guided Cooking gives short, simple prompts

The recipe is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. This removes the guesswork and makes cooking easy.

3) Guided Cooking removes confusion

You don't waste your time being confused about any recipe step. With Guided Cooking, you know exactly what to do at every point. It makes cooking confusion-free.

4) Guided Cooking helps you avoid food waste

With Semi guiding you at every step and automatically controlling temperature, you don't overcook or burn your meals. So your dishes don't go to waste.

5) Guided Cooking helps you gain confidence

You can try new cooking techniques and recipes without hesitating. When you have help along the way, you feel empowered to cook anything with confidence and creativity.

6) Guided Cooking makes cooking accessible to everyone

It doesn't matter what your skill level is. From beginner to expert cooks, guided cooking encourages you to experiment more in the kitchen. It develops your culinary skills and helps you focus more on enjoying the dish rather than cooking stress.


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