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Order Semi Today And Enjoy Upto ₹4000 OFF

Induction Technology of Semi, India's 1st Intelligent Induction Cooktop

Blending the
Art & Science
of Cooking

Innovation at the Heart of Cooking

Targeted Temperature,
Targeted Results

Semi achieves cooking perfection by leveraging state-of-the-art induction technology, designed to heat your cookware with unmatched precision for exquisite culinary results every time.

Direct cookware heating for efficient energy use.

Fine-tuned temperature control for perfect results.

Faster cooking times with less waiting around.

Unlock Culinary Perfection

Precision Induction Heating

Adaptive Cookware Technology

Smart Vessel Recognition

Adaptive Precision for
Every Pot and Pan

Semi's advanced sensors detect the type of cookware on the cooktop: whether it's aluminium, stainless steel, or cast iron, and the intelligent control algorithm adjusts the cooking time and temperature to deliver the best results for the chosen recipe.

Smart recognition for a variety of cookware materials.

Automated adjustments for optimal cooking conditions.

Consistent cooking quality across different vessels.

Built-in Smart Weighing Scale

Measure with Confidence

Precision in Every Pinch

Semi’s integrated scale transforms your cooktop into a multifunctional kitchen hub, allowing you to measure as you cook.

Digital accuracy for all ingredients.

Simplifies kitchen workflow by reducing clutter.

Integrates with recipes for seamless cooking.

Advanced safety protocols are built into Semi, ensuring a safe cooking environment for everyone in the family

Cook with Peace of Mind

Safety as a Standard

Cooktop operates only when a suitable pan is present, conserving energy and enhancing safety

Pan Detection

Automatic regulates heat to prevent overheating and potential burns

Burn Prevention

Safeguards against accidental changes in settings when cleaning spills

Control Lock

Prevents unintended operation by curious little ones

Child Lock

Stops liquids from getting inside the cooktop, protecting it from damage

Spill-Proof Surface

A robust build that reduces pest intrusion, enhancing durability and hygiene

Blockade Design

Connecting the dots in your cooking journey.

Semi is at the forefront of connected cooking, integrating with Klynk for an effortless kitchen experience.

365+ Recipe Library, Personalization & Community Engagement

Control your cooktop remotely for convenience

Smart Notifications

Seamless Connectivity

Cook Smarter, Not Harder

Guided Cooking on Semi, India's 1st Intelligent Induction Cooktop with Guided Cooking Mode

Step Into the Future of Cooking

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Witness the intelligence of Semi!

We will walk you through Semi's innovative features and answer your questions.

  • Where can I find recipes for Semi?
    You can find recipes on the Klynk app for cooking in Manual Mode. Guided recipes will be available on Semi's launch on the Klynk app.
  • How is Semi different from other induction cooktops?
    Semi has three fundamental modes for cooking - Guided Cooking, Presets, and Manual Mode. Guided Cooking walks you through the entire recipe from end to end. You don't have to worry about what steps to follow, or what temperature and time to set as all of this is done by Semi automatically. Presets let you replicate a specific cooking action for your convenience. Semi comes in-built with 10 Presets. Manual Mode gives you full control over all settings for the explorers out there. Semi connects with the Klynk app which has an extensive library of ready-to-cook recipes. Semi also has state-of-the-art features like Precise Temperature Control, Precision Weighing Scale, Dual Heating Modes, Vessel and Vessel Type Detection, and Burn Detection sets Semi apart from other conventional options.
  • What's the difference between Guided Cooking and Manual Mode?
    Guided Cooking simplifies the cooking process by providing pre-programmed recipes and step-by-step instructions. It makes it ideal for users who want a structured approach. It gives an opportunity for beginners to learn the technicalities of cooking. To the advanced cooks, it gives them a chance to learn the nuances of a completely new recipe. Manual Mode gives you full control over the cooking process. For example, adjusting temperature, time, and other settings to suit your specific preferences. This flexibility in manual mode empowers you to experiment with different cooking techniques. You can tailor the cooking process to achieve your desired results and have a more personalized and versatile cooking experience.
  • Is Guided Cooking suitable for all skill levels?
    Guided Cooking features step-by-step instructions at each recipe stage. It accommodates all skill levels from beginner cooks to professional chefs. You can navigate through the instructions displayed on Semi's screen or through the Klynk app and prepare dishes effortlessly.
  • Can Semi help me if I’m a beginner in the kitchen?
    Certainly! Semi is ideal for beginners. It gives comprehensive instructions every step of the way and facilitates a simple and effective learning process to enhance your culinary skills.
  • Is Semi difficult to clean?
    Semi has an Ultra-clear Tempered glass surface which won't hold any stains. This makes cleaning easy.
  • Can Semi cater to dietary restrictions or preferences?
    You can filter recipes based on your dietary needs in the Klynk app. Once you connect the app with Semi, it will guide you through the recipe steps.


Evolving with You

With OTA updates, your Semi is always at the cutting edge, receiving the newest features and optimizations automatically.

Continuous enhancement of functionality.

Effortless software upgrades.

Latest features without additional cost.

Future-Proof with OTA Updates

Always Improving

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